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Useful Users. How to build successful interfaces

Instructor: Svetlana Tsikoza

31 October 2011 (1 day), 9:30 – 18:00

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Course Overview


This interactive one-day seminar will teach you:

  • how to get more doing less with end users involved into the process
  • how the end users and their needs contribute to the product success
  • how to set up goals and measure the success
  • how to use design practices in your process
  • how to build the team which can create usable interfaces and a positive user experience


This seminar is designed for those involved in the software development process including senior and mid-level managers, product owners, developers, sales and marketing departments and UI/UX teams.

Course fees

Before September 1: 6 000 RUB
After September 1: 7 500 RUB

For those who want to attend main conference during November 1–3, there is special price for «course + conference» package:

Before September 1: 16 000 RUB
After September 1: 19 000 RUB

Course Program


  1. The Basis
    • Why do we need to DESIGN user interfaces and what is the meaning of the design?
    • What are we designing: UI or User Experience? What is the difference?
    • Briefly about the Beauty… And about the Brain.
    • Why the “Interface” building is usually uncomfortable to live in?
  2. How User’s goals can contribute to the Business, the Product and the Project
  3. The Users
    • Why should we think about them?
    • Who are they? How to get to know them?
    • Who should think about the User? When?
  4. The “bricks”. UI/UX methods and techniques used during:
    • The whole cycle
    • The Research phase
    • The Design phase
  5. The processes
    • How to make the building turn to the User
    • The user-centered design process
    • How to incorporate the Human Centered Design process into your software development cycle
  6. The acceptance. Measuring usability
  7. The UI or User Experience Team
    • The main competencies for supporting the full UI design cycle
    • The team composition. How to build an experienced team

About instructor: Svetlana Tsikoza

Светлана Цикоза
Svetlana Tsikoza

Svetlana Tsikoza – Independent User Experience Consultant.

Has been working at Exigen Services (ex Starsoft) since 2004, Svetlana was, for several years, in charge of the UI design team working for T-Mobile. Some of the work done by Svetlana and her team for T-Mobile won prestigious British awards for usability.

Now the team built by Svetlana support all the UI and User Experience design related activities: user researches and analysis, modelling, requirement elicitation and visualization, UI prototyping, graphic and information design and UI development. Design team starts working of a project from very beginning and keeps monitoring and supporting the development process till the product delivery.

Now Svetlana is focused on popularization of UX methods and practices inside and outside the company. The team has conducted a series of work-shops in several St.Petersburg universities and also Svetlana teaches “User Interface Design” course at the IFMO university.

Working at Exigen Serives, the company famous as an expert of Agile, Svetlana sees the team goal for the near future as to build strong expertise in the symbiosis of User Experience practices and Agile methodology.


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