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Business processes model as backbone of technological integration

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This paper presents a practice of development a united business processes model of a settlement depository. Depository and Settlement companies integration, simultaneous replacement of main IT-platform, perspective integration with other companies require complex knowledge of operational and technology processes. This knowledge may be presents as complex business processes model, which united processes, software, employee and documents in single database.

Yury Kupriyanov

Yury KupriyanovYury Kupriyanov

Independent Consultant

In 2002 Yury graduated from Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics on the specialty “Calculating Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks”. Starting from 2003 he is engaged in analysis and development of banks software and specializes in automation of treasury and stock market operations. Yury participated in several projects of the largest Russian banks: 2003–2005—VTB, 2004—Evraz Bank, 2005–2008—Gazprombank. An automated system that he created for the Treasury of Gazprombank operates and develops to the present day. In 2008–2009 as the technologist and architect Yury actively participated in the modernization project of the National Settlement Depository. In 2010, the last year before the start of the system he acted as the project administrator. In 2011, in the National Settlement Depository he initiated a project on business processes and implemented a requirements management system.

Currently Yury is an independent consultant, engaged in teaching. He is the member of the Russian branch of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE Russian Chapter).


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