Oct 31 CEE-SECR: Banks and courses: «Software product and services sales», «Useful users» & «CMMI», Oct 31 – Nov 1 «Certified ScrumMaster»
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William CunninghamWilliam Cunningham

Mikhail KhasinMikhail Khasin

“Managing the IT enterprise architecture in banks”

Moderator: Mikhail Khasin

This discussion will be about the effective management of  IT-architecture platforms of the banks, providing the proper level of platform flexibility for business objective optimization, readiness for mergers (e.g., financial institution merger), remote customer service via mobile devices, etc…

Mikhail GromovMikhail Gromov

Mikhail Gromov
“Factory of the bank automated systems”

This report presents the results of the project dedicated to improvements of software production processes in the Development Center of Sberbank Russia. We will review the initial problem, the solution approaches and the results which are currently achieved…

Ilya BochkovIlya Bochkov

Ilya Bochkov
“Virtual Data Room—Technology behind M&A transactions in financial industry”

One of the key phases of all investment deals is due-diligence. That is thorough and in-depth study of all corporate documentation, including highly confidential…

Andrei FomichevAndrei Fomichev

Andrei Fomichev
“Growth Strategy for the Integrated Platform Applications using Partners Developments”

The idea of involving independent software developers into the project implementation is not a new one. Just remember App Store or Android Market with their hundreds of thousands applications intended for hundreds of millions users worldwide. This enables virtually unlimited expansion and improvement of the platform’s functionality…

David LittleDavid Little

David Little, Sanela Hodzic
“Central Counterparty Clearing—and its impact on the market going forward”

New regulations such as Dodd-Frank act, passed July 2010 by the US administration, and similar reforms in Europe known by the acronym “Emir” are pushing clearing of OTC derivatives to the forefront of the agenda of many in the financial markets beyond the US and Europe…

Alexey SintsovAlexey Sintsov

Alexey Sintsov
“Remote banking system development: what to do in order not to be hacked”

During the conferences, held in Russia and devoted to the questions of information security special attention is drawn on the absence of developers’ procedures of source code security testing, and it leads to classic vulnerabilities’ appearance…

Yury KupriyanovYury Kupriyanov

Yury Kupriyanov
“Business processes model as backbone of technological integration”

This paper presents a practice of development a united business processes model of a settlement depository. Depository and Settlement companies integration, simultaneous replacement of main IT-platform, perspective integration with other companies require complex knowledge of operational and technology processes…

Sergey NovikovSergey Novikov

Sergey Novikov
“Component architecture of the modern banking platform”

  1. System architecture. Implementation of IT-support of the main lines of business based on SOA and running BPM.
  2. The business customer involvement in the process of IT solution formation and, consequently, the increased effectiveness of the results…

Konstantin PolukhinKonstantin Polukhin

Konstantin Polukhin
“Integration of cloud applications with databases on the client side”

This report examines the approach to some aspects of integrating the applications that are “in the cloud” (in accordance with Software As A Service—SaaS principle) with local (from the user point of view) data stores, including databases with both core and transactional data…

Eric KarpmanEric Karpman

Eric Karpman
“Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading: Why Now and How?”

As the majority of financial instruments are now traded electronically and in a fragmented fashion, there are a number of reasons to engage into algo and high-frequency trading…

Alexey BabenkoAlexey Babenko

Alexey Babenko
“Bank software security and certification: the two sides of the same coin”

Software developed for processing of financial information is always in focus of intruders. Implementation of vulnerabilities implies direct economic damage. Increased security requirements for banking software shouldn’t be considered as imposed by external regulators, they are real business requirements…

Igor SuzdaltsevIgor Suzdaltsev

Igor Suzdaltsev
“Multi-asset trading on financial markets”

Multi-asset trading allows dealers to deal on different financial markets (Forex, money market, equities, derivatives) within one trading strategy. We can say that platform is the multi-asset platform, if it allows to trade financial instruments that belong to at least two different financial markets…

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