Oct 31 CEE-SECR: Banks and courses: «Software product and services sales», «Useful users» & «CMMI», Oct 31 – Nov 1 «Certified ScrumMaster»
SECR 2011 is over. You can learn about our current event at www.secrus.org.

History of Software Engineering Conference (Russia) 2005 – 2010

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What is CEE-SECR? Industry experts say:

Michael CusumanoMichael Cusumano

"SECR was a remarkable event, in a number of ways. The quality and breadth both of the presenters and attendees made this a world-class conference on software engineering of great value to academics and practitioners alike. It was particularly useful and rewarding for those of us coming from abroad to learn something about Russia today and the state of the Russian software industry. It is an impressive and growing community that will only increase in importance in years to come. "
Michael Cusumano,
MIT Sloan professor, award-winning author

Mark PaulkMark Paulk

"I was very impressed with the Software Engineering Conference Russia. In part, this was due to the hard work of the organizers and sponsors of the conference. And in part, the success of the conference was a result of the desire of Russian software professionals to network, learn, and advance the state-of-the-practice. This is a hallmark of our emerging discipline: the professionalization of software engineering. The enthusiasm of the attendees and speakers at SECR was notable. All who were associated with the conference are to be congratulated. "
Mark Paulk
Carnegie Mellon researcher, one of the authors of CMM

The full list of comments can be found here.

Industry support

SECR 2010
  • Conference Sponsors: IBM, Exigen Services, EMC2, Российская Венчурная Компания, Embarcadero, Parasoft
  • Partners: IEEE-CS Moscow Center, АП КИТ, IT Ukraine, Silicon Taiga, SOA Systems Inc, Infopark.by, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, IEEE, IEEE Computer Society,IEEE TCSE
  • Information Sponsors: MAIL.RU, ABJ, Fruct, IT-Job, IT.tut.by, Software testing, Softkey, AllMedia, СRN, BYTE, PCMAG, Dev.by, Open.by, cnews, Profit.kz, IT Konsulting, Webew.ru, QA – competently, MIS-inform, ProTesting, SQLinfo.ru, CIO, Interface, Osmag, UML2.ru, Softline, Соединяю, Seminar4u.ru, Allsoft.ru, ComNews.ru, Corporate management, iTrainings.ru, System Approach, HackDay.ru, Qulix Systems, SuperJob.ru, Aidem Group, SOA School, Poisk, samag, sef.by, blablaka, Web 2.0 magazine, UMI.CMS, cmslist, bybanner, TheVista.Ru, pr-info.ru, Ruby on rails web development, IT Expert, IT Manager, IT News, ERPNEWS, Happy-PM.com, REG.RU, BIT, Positive Technologies, ICO Information for All, TECHLABS, PROGRAM ENGINEERING, LUXOFT-TRAINING, UMLmanual.ru, PMI Moscow Chapter Project Management Magazine, ABBYY, IT-Event.Ru, HeadHunter, MSKIT.ru, NNIT.ru, ITSZ.ru, BIT, Ukraine Association of Chief Information Officer, CIO of Altai, COMPASS, INF. COURIER, eLama.ru, TRINET, Cloudzone.ru, MeraLabs, SLTV, Кузбасский Технопарк, БизнесБомба, TAdviser, KOMTET, ISDEF, OPORA CREDIT, Top-ideas, Azium, Softcloud , Venture Business News, RESMARK , F1CD , Patents , Business Incubator , Books.ru , Abj, Карт Бланш, Bankir.Ru, Debt Expert, Banking review, The National Bank Magazine, Banki.ru, Reglament, GARANT, MFD-InfoCenter, FinArty.ru, FINANCE & CREDIT, MoneyNews, Е-MoneyNews, BDM. Banks and Business World

Details: SECR 2010

SECR 2009
  • Conference Sponsors: Adobe, Intel, Microsoft, Exigen Services, IBM, EMC2, Carnegie
  • Partners: IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), IEEE Computer Society, The IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE), The Moscow Center of IEEE Computer Society, Academy of Corporate Systems, TEKAMA, INTSPEI, Higher School of Economics, RUSSOFT, AP KIT, INFOPARK, "Information Technologies of Ukraine" Association, SQALab "Testing Laboratory", Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative
  • Information Sponsors: AgileRussia, Association Company Digital and Information Technologies South Russian, Allsoft.ru, The Almaty school of management and competitiveness, BYBANNER.COM, BYTE/Russia, Magazine "CIO ", CNews.Ru, 3DNews Daily Digital Digest, Dev.by, Finnish-Russian University Cooperation in Telecommunications (FRUCT), iCenteR.ru, www.intuit.ru, Information Technologies Magazine, IT Consulting, IT-Event.Ru, www.it4business.ru, The portal IT-JOB.BY, IT-Planeta, iCenteR.ru, ITrainings.ru, IT.TUT.BY, The Club of Successful Software Managers, Information Agency Neftegaz.RU, Open.b, Open Systems, PC WEEK/Russian Edition, ProTesting, QA – competently, QA Club, Qulix Systems, ScrumTrek, Softkey.ru, Softline, Software-Testing.ru, Project Software Engineering Summit – 2009, Kazakhstan, SQL.Ru, System Approach, TheVista.Ru, UML2.ru, Usability.by, Usethics, Webew.ru

Details: SECR 2009

SECR 2008
  • Conference Sponsors: Intel, INTSPEI, Exigen Services, VMware, Microsoft, HP, EMC2, Adobe, IBM
  • Partners: Russian Software Developers Association (RUSSOFT), Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT), The Higher School of Economics (HSE), Luxoft Training Center, INFOPARK Belorussia, Websoft, IT Tour, TEKAMA
  • Media Sponsors: Byte Magazine, C-News, Finestreet Media Group, Open Systems, PCWEEK
  • Information Sponsors: RSDN, C-News, Agile Russia, iToday, Open Systems, PCWEEK, Intuit.ru, BYTE/Russia, Usethics, TYT.BY, IT Manager, IT News, IT Expert, UML2.ru, Softline, Agile Ukraine, Scrum Guides, Developers.org.ua, IT Ukraine, IT Conf, Ergosolo

Details: SECR 2008

SERC 2007
  • Conference Sponsors: Intel, INTSPEI, Microsoft, EMC2, Oracle, Siemens
  • Partners: Russian Software Developers Association (RUSSOFT), Information & Computer Technologies Industry Association (APKIT)
  • Information Sponsors: IT4business.ru, Open Systems, PCWEEK, Corporate systems, BYTE/Russia, C-News, Usethics, SQL.ru, Agile Russia, Agile Russia, TYT.BY, IT Manager, IT News, Express Electronics, fort-ross.ru, telenews.ru

Details: SECR 2007

SERC 2006
  • Conference Sponsors: Intel, INTSPEI, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, SUN Micosystems, TechSmith
  • Partners: The Higher School of Economics (HSE)
  • Information Sponsors: BYTE/Russia, Open Systems, C-News, IT Manager, IT News, Express Electronics, IBM developerWorks(r), Software-Testing.Ru, Softline, TUT.BY, PhiloSoft Technical Communications

Details: SECR 2006

SERC 2005
  • Conference Sponsors: Intel, Borland, Microsoft, Telelogic, IBM, Siemens
  • Information Sponsors: Tom’s Hardware Guide, Algorithm, Prime-Tass, Vremya Novostei, E-Development Partnership in the North-West, PROFIT, Open Systems, C-News, WebPlanet, RusCHI
  • Information Support by: ComputerClub, HR-journal.ru, PC WEEK/Russian Edition, THAT NEW, Network (RSDN), Setevoi Journal

Details: SECR 2005


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