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Conferences Testimonials


The overall impression of the conference was the most positive. It should be noted that this year SECR successfully combined the substantiality and strictness of the scientific conference with vivid encounters and ideas, plans and projects born on the fly. Many thanks to the organizers and program committee for their tireless work, which provided a high level of technological and organizational comfort for both participants and guests.

Evgeny Pyshkin
Assistant Professor
SPbSTU (Polytech)

The SECR-2011 conference pleasantly surprised with the quite uncommon for Russian scientific forums mix of intelligence and creativity, highly informative reports, participants’ real interest in learning, and all this with an excellent organizational support. Many thanks to the organizers who took care about all the details, which made participation in the conference pleasant, interesting and very useful.

Dr.Yuri Karpov
SPbSTU (Polytech)

An excellent conference! As always, the most interesting things happen on a conference sidelines. I met outstanding professionals who develop interesting and very modern things. SEC(R) will go on! :-)

Askhat Urazbaev
Agile evangelist, founder of community AgileRussia
Managing partner of ScrumTrek

The SECR 2011 conference was held in the “Digital October” center, which modern and unusual design made a good impression and refreshed the overall aura of the event. My main interest was report by Jeff Sutherland, as it was a rare opportunity to listen one of SCRUM founders and ask questions on topics that were interesting for me. Also, it seemed to me that unlike previous conferences, there was more diversity in speakers’ topics and non-standard ways of information presentation. The conference was attended by a large number of practitioners both in IT technology area and IT-related business and informal communication with them was extremely useful.

Sergei Andrzeevski
Project Manager
First Line Software

SECR 2005–2010

Thumbs up for the organizers of the SECR conference. The event was extremely well organized and managed, and I derived enormous satisfaction from meeting up with very interesting people and making lots of extremely useful contacts among the Software Engineering professionals. Keep up the good job!

Tatiana Danielyan
Deputy Director of Linguistic Product Department

SECR was our introduction to the Russian developer market, and a very good first step for our company to take. The impeccable organization and the educated audience made it very easy for us to make the message heard. We would be more than happy to continue the collaboration over the years to come, as we consider SECR one of the best developer conferences in the Eastern Europe area.

Magdalena Neagu
Senior Marketing Manager EMEA for the Platform Business Unit

I took a dive into SECR atmosphere in 2008 for the first time and found interesting people and I liked the conference and the way it was held. It was a pleasant surprise to meet a lot of confederates in the software field. I assured myself that I’d chosen the right directions in IT sphere development. Taking part in a roundtable discussion, I had an opportunity to tell others about successful projects that were completed in AvtoVAZ information systems. Discussion held after my speech allows me to say that the described form of communication is relevant nowadays among software specialists. I’d like to wish the main organizer of the conference, company TEKAMA, further success and effective cooperation.

Vladimir Bulov
Head of information technology development center

I was very impressed with the Software Engineering Conference Russia. In part, this was due to the hard work of the organizers and sponsors of the conference. And in part, the success of the conference was a result of the desire of Russian software professionals to network, learn, and advance the state-of-the-practice. This is a hallmark of our emerging discipline: the professionalization of software engineering. The enthusiasm of the attendees and speakers at SECR was notable. All who were associated with the conference are to be congratulated.

Mark Paulk
Carnegie Mellon researcher
one of the authors of CMM

We live during the age of impetuous changes. Being involved in solving routine tasks connected with maintaining and developing corporate information systems frequently it can be difficult to find time to get familiar with innovations in IT sphere, researches and to gain personal experience CEE-SECR has become a place where you can get practical advice from professionals who entered the path of innovation, who overcame the difficulties and got to know the pleasure of success. The level of representation is worthy of respect – there is an opportunity to listen to reports as well as a chance to communicate with key specialists of leading companies – champions in the world of information technologies.

Alexander Ageev
Central Moscow Depositary

I am always delighted to participate in SECR. On the one hand, the conference attracts me by really work atmosphere and environment, by a big number of speakers whom are interesting to hear, and on the other hand, by numerous round tables devoted to various problems which seem to be really vital to the major part of participants.

I am really pleased with the informal atmosphere which always predominates on the sessions themselves as well as in the lobby talks within the backroom space. All these actions are usually held on a very high professional level.

It is also great that in spite of purely engineering scope of the conference many other topics related to the software engineering are also discussed here, such as human resources and training in IT companies, IP protection etc.

No doubts, that SECR is considered to be a world-class conference and comprehensively reflects the status of IT industry in Russia as well as development trends in the world.

Vyacheslav Nesterov
General Manger of the Software Development Center
EMC Russia

During my 25-year professional career, I have participated in a large number of conferences dedicated to various software development and delivery activities. However, the Software Engineering Conference in Russia (SECR) is still the only event whose birth I was lucky enough to witness personally, and it is still a pleasure to attend the SECR every year.

The organizers of this unique software engineering forum offer an event format that is appropriate for software developers, analysts, and managers at all levels, right up to CEO. The event is of considerable interest to us due to its well thought out, diversified agenda. We obtain practical value from participation, as the conference attracts genuine industry “gurus” – world-known experts whose ideas drive the course of industry development. The conference also provides a great opportunity to meet our colleagues and discuss a wide range of news and industry issues.

Today, it is no exaggeration to say that the SECR is an event of strategic importance for the Russian software industry. I am pleased to congratulate SECR organizers on their first major anniversary. May this event continue to fascinate and inspire us for many years to come!

Nikolay Puntikov
President, Offshore Delivery
Exigen Services

The SECR abbreviation is an independent brand, a sign of quality for a large number of software developers throughout Russia and other countries. Every year, the organizers create such a comprehensive, content-packed event that no doubt emerges about the significance of the SECR. It has become a must-attend forum, shedding light on major industry trends now and in the future.

Anastasia Novoseltseva
Marketing Communications Director
Exigen Services

The IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) is pleased to endorse technical co-sponsorship for CEE-SECR 2010 (the 5th Eastern and Central European Software Engineering Conference in Russia).

This is the key software engineering event in Central and Eastern Europe with over 500 participants and speakers from 15 countries. CEE-SECR is managed by an International Program Committee assembled by recognized software engineering experts from academia and industry. Over 40% of the Program Committee members are members of the IEEE Computer Society.

IEEE Computer Society

The conference employs a double-blind review process producing a high quality program with acceptance rate of 62% (in 2008). It includes globally-recognized software “gurus / founding fathers” as keynote speakers such as Ivar Jacobson, Michael Cusumano, Larry Constantine, Erich Gamma, Michael Fagan, Rick Kazman, Steve Masters, Mark Paulk, Stephen Mellor and others.

It enjoys wide industry support provided by all major local software/IT associations, as well as by local software companies and by global software companies operating in CEE region, including Microsoft, IBM, Intel, ORACLE, HP and others.

IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering

The conference will provide discounts to IEEE-CS members; Conference proceedings will be available in IEEE Xplore.

This area of the world is experiencing sustained growth in software engineering. TCSE is pleased to have the opportunity to support software engineering in this region.

Paul R. Croll
IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering

Well-organized conference that’s truly needed for Eastern European and, in particular, for Russian engineers and programming people. They have plenty to say and to ask. In 2008 the conference allocation was efficient – we departed in different conference-rooms by interests and converged, concentrated in one hall for discussions, argues, networking and cup of tea. There are a lot of reports, different by level of expertise behind and temper of presenting. Met a lot of acquaintances, even more non-acquainted. With interest learned what they’re involved into, ignore and hope for. Round-table – great though a bit chaotic. Thank you much. We want more.

Boris Sabanin
Principle Engineer,
Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives department manager

SECR is one of the best professional conferences in the software development field held in Russia and CIS countries. The conferenct is always well organized and in the context of the breadth of topic the conference coversand reports level, it is the best Russian-language conference for professional in software engineering. During five years SERC has become a significant and anticipated event. Every year specialists from leading IT companies come to the conference, so I have a unique opportunity to communicate with my colleagues.

The advantage of SECR is a large number of roundtable discussions and workshops, where you can participate in an interesting or even fierce debate. Where else would you have an opportunity to talk to Larry Konstantin about Use Cases writing, or ask Mark Paul a question about CMM architecture peculiarities?

SECR has its own special atmosphere… the atmosphere of professional communication and networking. Seeing people communicating with each other constantly: during the speeches, after them or in the breaks between speeches, so it feels like taking part in software developer festival that is taking place on the occasion of some professional holiday.

Hope to see you at the conference in October.

Stanislav Kalkanov
Head of Quality Center

We have been participating in this conference from the very beginning, and we are very pleased to see that every year the conference becomes more and more influential among specialists of software development. We recognize the high professionalism of all participants, relevance of discussed topics, very fruitful and open discussions. The concept of Software Engineering is very important for modern economy based on knowledge, and especially in Russia, as the country is traditionally known by its strong software developers.

Accelerating local software economy in Russia and CEE is one of Microsoft Russia’ priorities today. High intellectual and economical potential of Russia, big number of technical specialists with higher education, fast growth of IT and the demand for IT from all spheres of economy – all of this create the solid foundation for successful development of software engineering in Russia and CEE.

We hope that the input from the worldwide IT leaders would help emphasize the importance of cutting-edge technologies and will positively impact the process of development of strong and influential IT industry in Russia and CEE.

Dmitry Khalin
DPE Director
Microsoft Russia

SECR was a remarkable event, in a number of ways. The quality and breadth both of the presenters and attendees made this a world-class conference on software engineering of great value to academics and practitioners alike. It was particularly useful and rewarding for those of us coming from abroad to learn something about Russia today and the state of the Russian software industry. It is an impressive and growing community that will only increase in importance in years to come.

Michael Cusumano
MIT Sloan

Over last 5 years that have passed since the 1st conference, SECR has developed into a recognized and respected brand. The conference program always keeps focus on important aspects of state-of-the-art software engineering technologies, and provides a unique opportunity and ground to meet in person with world-known gurus in software engineering. I would like to highlight the excellent atmosphere of SECR that enables fascinating discussions and practical experience exchange with colleagues from leading IT companies. Participants of the conference have become good friends, and the conference itself can be considered an annual meeting of Software Engineering Club members.

Alexander Babkin
Manager of Quality Engineering team
Motorola Mobility St. Petersburg

The conference will become a turning point in the formation of Russian Software industry self-consciousness. In most cases, success of Russian military technology was based on non-typical ways of solving difficult software questions in conditions of limited storage, power consumption or budget and other low hardware parameters. Another component of success was the ability to form management of large projects in the limited time periods. Nowadays the same approaches allow successful appliance of Agile Programming for completing difficult projects. And the speed with our leaders’ rose to the highest level of processe completeness (according to CMMI standard) shows Russian developers’ potential software development process organization.

Valentin Makarov

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