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2011 Talks and discussions rating

Top 40 out of 80 talks and discussions, according to the online poll.

# Average score Talk / Discussion
1 3.820 How to save cats: Iteration Zero in Agile
Askhat Urazbaev (Scrumtrek, Agile Russia)
2 3.714 Patenting of software-development / Russian Practice
Michael Radchenko (SoftPatent)
3 3.681 “Smart money” for smart startups. Plenary session
Serguei Beloussov (Runa Capital and Parallels)
4 3.652 Venture Capital & Startups
Round table
Moderator: Nick Puntikov (MITEF Russia)
5 3.581 Diagnostics experience in Parallels virtualization products
Anna Vorobyeva (Parallels)
6 3.579 Mistakes made by Russian companies entering US markets
Dmitry Dubograev (Femida.us)
7 3.552 On the way to practical application of verification in the process of software system development
Prof.Dr.Yuri Karpov (SPbSTU (Polytech))
8 3.550 Three Dimensions of Software Analysis: Performance, Power, Parallelism
Stanislav Bratanov (Intel)
9 3.545 Making your products global: hints for startups
Aram Pakhchanian (ABBYY)
10 3.544 Plenary session
Jeff Sutherland (Scrum, Inc and Scrum Foundation)
11 3.481 Multirequirements: Giving software requirements their due
Prof.Dr.Bertrand Meyer (Eiffel Software and ETH)
12 3.478 Routing Algorithms and Related Technology
Andrew V. Goldberg (Microsoft)
13 3.471 Teaching Programming: What We Miss in Academia
Evgeny Pyshkin (SPbSTU (Polytech))
14–15 3.462 The skills managers need in real-world small projects
Alexander Kalouguine (PMarcor, Mercury Development)
14–15 3.462 SCRUM, Kanban, XP… How to choose?
Panel discussion
Moderators: Askhat Urazbaev (Scrumtrek, Agile Russia) and Sergei Andrzheevsky (First Line Software)
16 3.444 SE industry development from exporters point of view
Panel discussion
Moderator: Valentin Makarov (RUSSOFT)
17 3.400 Software Reliability Estimation Based on Static Error Detection
Mikhail Glukhih (SPbSTU (Polytech))
18 3.385 Using metrics in software development
Max Kuzkin (Parallels)
19 3.360 “…boarding to the flight Moscow-Cloud is starting now…”
Vlad Pavlov (rollApp Inc.)
20 3.355 Automated Program Transformation for Migration to New Libraries
Vladimir Itsykson (SPbSTU (Polytech))
21 3.333 Experiences from model-based GUI testing in smartphone camera and messaging development
Mika Katara (Tampere University of Technology)
22 3.286 Student project in IT-company: HR incubator and leadership school
Ksenia Shigapova (Lanit-Tercom)
23 3.273 Management of IT companies: who will replace the 90s nominees?
Anatoly Sourkis (Digital Design)
24 3.268 DDD as an effective method of work in conditions of system complexity
Maxim Tsepkov (CUSTIS)
25 3.250 Accelerating multiple alignment on FPGA with a high-level hardware description language
Oleg Medvedev (SPbSU)
26 3.235 Effective test harness based on open source frameworks and tools (Selenium, TestNG, Hudson, Surefire) for cross-platform testing of Web applications
Vitaly Duhov (Dino Systems)
27 3.211 Integration the user interface design in development process. Trends and Challenges
Panel Discussion
Moderator: Svetlana Tsikoza (Independent User Experience Consultant)
28 3.182 From Only-SQL to NoSQL to YeSQL
Mickey Alon (GigaSpaces Technologies)
29 3.176 Saint-Petersburg IT Academy
Alexander Andreev (SoftJoys)
30 3.150 Could a programmer turn to be a UX designer?
Svetlana Tsikoza (Independent User Experience Consultant)
31–32 3.148 Mobile Cross Platform Development
Igor Markov (Auriga)
31–32 3.148 Direction in parallel and heterogeneous programming
Robert Geva (Intel)
33 3.128 Enterprise Agile Toolkit
Konstantine Gurnov (Luxoft)
34 3.122 Switching to agile development approach in project with long history
Artem Vorobyev (Deutsche Bank)
35 3.115 Functional programming for the development of distributed cloud and web applications in F#
Dmitry Soshnikov (Microsoft)
36 3.091 Specifics of writing cloud computing software
Discussion panel
Moderator: Max Kuzkin (Parallels)
37 3.089 Applying Agile methodologies in corporate environment
Alexander Babkin (Motorola Mobility)
38 3.063 ISPMA: The first international standard for education and certification of software product managers
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus (ISPMA)
39 3.056 Company-employee relationship in small and medium enterprises
Konstantin Bychenkov (Open Code LLC)
40 3.053 Regression testing of compiler: experience, technologies, automation
Vasiliy Kurkov (Intel)


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