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Business community support for innovative projects

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  • Innovative projects, as any new business, experience lack of money at some stage, and have to overcome the “Valley of Death”;
  • There are State and regional support programs, with which the business community provides support for innovative companies;
  • The business community established practices of support the startups with venture capital, consulting on ways to raise funds, help with access to the business community (institutional, intellectual, communication, financial and other);
  • One of the most effective forms of the projects support including rising funds (from budgets on different level, from private investors to investment funds)—is competitions of innovative projects. Our association for several years conducts such competitions, with the support of regional governments and the development institutions. Every year hundreds of companies and thousands of authors, the participants of competitive programs, receive advisory support from the business community;
  • We organize the business missions to Russian regions and abroad, the joint exhibitions and presentation sessions, business meetings at international forums and exhibitions. Examples of such forums exist in Moscow, the United States and China;
  • There are methodological, organizational and consulting support in universities, research organizations, and science-cities. There are agreements with development institutions such as MER, Foundation for Assistance to Ministry of Finance of the NTS, RBD, with universities and scientific organizations;
  • Some examples of such support is “packaging” the projects in order to attract private investment and co-financing, the communication in various forms, exhibitions and business trips.

Author: Dmitry Gorbunov

Dmitry GorbunovDmitry Gorbunov

Chairman of the Committee on Innovation and Venture Financing Interregional public organization “The Moscow Entrepreneur Association” (MEA) (http://kit-vf.org/, http://rusbusiness.tv/)

Co-Chairman of the Commission on Innovation and Relations with the scientific community of the Central Council of the supporters of the runway, “United Russia”

Member of the Board of Directors of a number of innovative companies (“RES”, “Student Research Center”, “Melamaks”, “Center for Color Correction” and others)

The main area of ​​interest: support for innovative projects, bringing in funding them, debugging of business processes.

Education: MIREA (1984)

Married with two adult sons

Hobbies: swimming, mini football, chess


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