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SE industry development from exporters point of view

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The discussion will include the results of the research about export software industry in Russia which is conducted by RUSSOFT organization every year. These results will be presented by Valentin Makarov, the president of RUSSOFT. The discussion will bring together representatives of all segments of the export industry, including representatives from major international research and development centers and the Russian product and service vendors.  The major industry trends, the impact of the crisis and its lessons, the prospects for the export growth, the specifics of the Russian software industry and its place among the BRIC countries and in the international IT labor market in general  will be discussed during the session.

Moderator: Valentin Makarov

Valentin MakarovValentin Makarov

President, RUSSOFT

Valentin Makarov was born in April 16, 1955 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia.

He graduated from Leningrad Aircraft Instrumentation Institute (now State University of Space Instruments, St.-Petersburg) in 1978 and had been working in Defense industry until 1985. In 1993 he attended courses of Manchester Business School and in 2000—courses of Diplomatic Academy of Russia.

Since 1985 and until 2000 Valentin Makarov devoted his life and energy to extending economic and cultural ties of St. Petersburg and Russia within the country and overseas, while working in the Leningrad Polytechnic University, then in the Permanent Delegation of Russian Federation to UNESCO, in the “Association of Free Economic zones of St.-Petersburg” and finally as the deputy chairman of the Committee of External Relations of Administration of St.-Petersburg.

In 1999 he was elected the president of the “St Petersburg Consortium «Fort Ross» IT services”, then after amalgamation with the National Software Development Association in May 2004 he became president of the united “RUSSOFT Association”, which is the unique voice of the software development industry in Russia.

Valentin Makarov got significant experience of lobbying interests of the industry in the State of Russian Federation. He had been also involved in conducting Nation-wide market studies and organizing marketing activities of RUSSOFT in Russia and abroad (Russian IT-Seasons, Road-shows, ROSS Forum, etc.). He was also representing APKIT (Russian IT&Computer Association) in WITSA in 2002–2007.



Vyacheslav Nesterov

Vyacheslav NesterovVyacheslav Nesterov

General Manager, St.Petersburg Development Center, EMC

The Center works on Software development for the products designed and produces by EMC corporation. The main area of development is high performance systems for information storage and management. Vyacheslav joined St.Petersburg EMC center in 2008, before that he worked for Motorola software development center in St.Petersburg for about 10 years. He led development of software solutions for digital TV equipment and other products of Motorola company.

Vyacheslav Nesterov is an expert in Software development process, different methodologies and techniques in SW development.

Before coming to software industry Vyacheslav did research in Computer science and Computational mathematics, worked for institutes of Academy of Sciences, taught in universities. He has D.Sc. degree in mathematics, he is an author of more than 50 papers. Vyacheslav was graduated from St.Petersburg State University, faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.


Alexander Egorov

Alexander EgorovAlexander Egorov

CEO, Reksoft

Alexander Egorov co-founded Reksoft, one of Russia’s largest IT outsourcing companies, in 1991 and has served as its CEO from its inception.

Along with his duties at Reksoft, Mr. Egorov has served on the boards of directors for a number of successful joint ventures in the field of information technologies such as Ozon.ru (the largest Russian online bookstore) and Assist (Russia’s leading e-commerce transaction processing gateway) to name but a few.

He appeared twice in the IT Elite TOP 100 rankings of Kommersant, Russia’s leading national business daily.

Mr. Egorov served as a Chairman of the Board of Russoft, the Russian software development association, in 2003 and has been re-elected to the board twice since then.

Mr. Egorov holds a M.Sc. in computer science from the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky

Dmitry DyrmovskyDmitry Dyrmovsky

Speech Technology Center, Moscow Office Director

Dmitry Dyrmovsky graduated from Scientific Study Center of Novosibirsk State University and Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy. Before STC worked as a Senior Research Engineer in Scientific Research Institute of special radio of Russian Defense Ministry. In 2004 started to work in STC and managed the work with governmental organizations. Since 2007 is STC Moscow Office Director. In October 2011 joined the Board of Directors of STC. Over the years managed the key company’s projects such as for Federation Council of Russia, the State Duma of Russia, Ministry of the Interior of Russia, Russian Railways, MTS, Sberbank, Aeroflot and others.

Main fields of responsibility are company’s sales development, GR, key-projects management.


Alexander Pozdniakov

Alexander PozdniakovAlexander Pozdniakov

CEO, FirstLine Software

Alexander Pozdniakov is an 18-year veteran of the IT industry. Alexander started his IT career in 1993 as Head of Telecommunications at Inform Bank, where he successfully managed the delivery of one of the first electronic banking projects in Russia. Between 1995 and 1996, he worked as a lead consultant in one of the leading system integrators in St. Petersburg, Russia, delivering services to the leading international firms including Arthur Andersen, Unilever, Caterpillar and others. Between 1996 and 1999, Alexander headed up the IT and Telecom Department at one of Russia’s largest food importers, directing a team of 30 employees to implement a series of large-scale IT programs spanning 25 sites in four different countries and impacting over 4,000 users worldwide.

Alexander first joined the company he now runs, which was operating as StarSoft at the time, in 1999 as a Project Manager. After successfully delivering a series of critical projects for customers in Western Europe in the US, he quickly rose through the ranks, finally achieving the position of the COO in 2004, in which he served through 2009. In that time, which includes both the independent operation of StarSoft and the period after the merger with Exigen Services in 2007, Alexander managed the entire production staff including multiple development, testing and process groups, while also supervising all supplementary departments across the company (HR, Hiring and Technical Support) and ensuring smooth operations and manageability of the company as a whole. During that period, Alexander directed the growth of the delivery organization from 100 to almost 1,500 people, managing 8 separate delivery locations, many of which he personally set up. He was also a major contributor to most pre-sales activities, supervised key account managers, and served as the escalation point for the majority of the company’s clients.

As First Line’s CEO, Alexander Pozdniakov is responsible for the company’s strategy, for driving the business development efforts, and for the operations of the delivery organization in its entirety. In less than two years, he has taken First Line from 10 to 250+ employees and $10 million in revenue (projected for 2011).


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