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CEE-SECR 2011 Program committee announces dates for Software Engineering Conference in Russia

The organizing committee of the annual international Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2011) has announced the dates and application procedures for the 2011 event. This is the seventh consecutive conference to be held in Moscow, and will take place from October 31 to November 3. More than 1000 Russian, Central and Eastern European participants are expected to attend.

The 2011 CEE-SECR will incorporate a significant number of changes from past conferences. The most important developments for this year’s event have been detailed in a statement by conference chairman Nick Puntikov: “This year we have decided to shift the focus of the conference towards practical solutions in software development. We plan to organize a larger number of seminars and panel discussions where the demonstration and assessment of the implementation of finished products and solutions will be discussed. In spite of these changes, we will nonetheless continue to address the scientific and theoretical aspects of the industry.” In another new development, the conference will now be organized along four tracks that include research and technology, practice and software development, human capital and education, business and entrepreneurship.

The CEE-SECR 2011 Program Committee has set itself the task of creating a unique event for the IT industry that maintains its independence, differentiating it from corporate-sponsored events, by providing scientists, educators, analysts, developers, engineers, managers, businessmen and investors with a forum for the free exchange of ideas.

The anticipated increase in the number of practical solutions and applications to be presented at this year’s conference has led to a change in the ways in which materials may be submitted. Applications may now be filed both in the traditional format of an academic paper, or in the form of a slide presentation. The inclusion of new materials will be guided by the same double-blind method that has been in place for the selection of scientific papers by the Program Committee when considering past participants. In the coming weeks, the requirements for reports and the conditions for participation in CEE-SECR 2011 will be published on the conference’s official web site [2011.secrus.org].


CEE-SECR is an independent conference focused on scientific and practical developments in the software industry with the participation of researchers and engineers, developers, opinion leaders, production managers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Over the past six years, the Conference has earned considerable respect as the foremost professional event for the software industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. Conference topics incorporate both the engineering aspects of software production (algorithms, data structures, technologies, methodologies and tools), and related topics that include education, human resource management, investment in software production, and the creation and development of technology startups.

The Program Committee for CEE-SECR 2011 includes more than 40 renowned experts from Russia, Europe and the U.S., representing both the software development industry and research organizations. Among them are Igor Agamirzyan (Russian Venture Company), Professor Andrei Terekhov (St. Petersburg State University), Professor Sergei Avdoshin (State University Higher School of Economics), Viktor Ivannikov (Russian Academy of Science), Jennifer Trelewicz (Microsoft), Bertrand Meyer (ETH), Richard Soley (OMG), Vyacheslav Nesterov (EMC), Marat Guriev (IBM), Vladimir Polutin (HP), and many others.

The conference receives major support from the world leaders in high-tech industry. Past sponsors of the conference have included Adobe, EMC, HP, IBM, iCarnegie, Intel, Microsoft, ORACLE, Parallels, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, VMWare, etc. Russian partners have included the Russian Venture Company, the RUSSOFT association of software developers, the MIT Enterprise Forum of Russia, and the State University Higher School of Economics. Since 2009, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence, has been one of the conference’s principal organizers. This collaboration will continue in 2011.

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