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Automated Program Transformation for Migration to New Libraries

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In modern software engineering the task of migration from one system environment to another may arise very often (e.g. software migrating from Windows to Linux or from desktop PC to some mobile platform). This task may be accomplished manually, but this will certainly be not cost- and time-effective and will require additional testing and verification. Therefore various automated techniques aimed to solve this problem seem to be very useful.

The talk takes into consideration one of such approaches, mainly focused on transferring source code between two library environments. The main idea of proposed approach is usage of formal library specifications. These specifications are described by means of partial specification language called PanLang which is created by authors. Source code porting is carried out automatically based on semantics of both libraries.

Future development of proposed approach will be able to create a technology which allows of porting software without additional verification and testing.


Vladimir Itsykson

Vladimir ItsyksonVladimir Itsykson

Associate professor, Computer Systems & Software Engineering department, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University

Vladimir Itsykson is an associate professor at Computer Systems & Software Engineering department in Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. He received his Ph.D in 2000 in the area of Computer Science. Now he is a head of Digitek Labs (http://www.digiteklabs.ru/en) which is a software and hardware development laboratory there.

His scientific interests include software engineering, software quality assurance and formal program transformation. As a head of Digitek Labs, he leads numerous R&D projects in the areas of software analysis and software design automation; among them are collaborations with such well-known software and hardware companies as Intel, General Motors and Panasonic. One of the most interesting projects is Aegis defect detection tool based on static analysis (Aegis project—http://www.digiteklabs.ru/en/aegis/platform/).

He also teaches courses on «Software Engineering Foundation», «Software Development Technologies», «Concurrent computing» and «Computer Networking».

Vladimir is an author of more than 100 publications, among which 5 are textbooks and around 30 are scientific articles.

Web-page(in Russian): http://kspt.ftk.spbstu.ru/info/staff/itsykson/


Alexey Zozulya

Alexey ZozulyaAlexey Zozulya

Student research supervisor, Computer Systems & Software Engineering department, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University

An employee at the Computer Systems & Software Engineering department in Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Since 2004 he supervises student research and graduate works in the field of Computer Science.

Scientific interests are related to the following areas: Software Engineering, Software metrics, Program transformation, Static Analysis.

Areas of practical interest: Open Source Software, IT service management, CRM systems, Cloud Computing, SaaS.


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