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Effective test harness based on open source frameworks and tools (Selenium, TestNG, Hudson, Surefire) for cross-platform testing of Web applications

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Automated testing, together with the practice of continuous integration improves the quality of the product and increases the flexibility of system validation and verification, it also allows to detect defects immediately upon committing changes to the version control system.

This paper describes an example of successful implementation of this approach for testing cloud telephone service. The architecture includes the following key components:

  • set of test scenarios, that uses a tool to interact with the web application [Selenium];
  • software project management and comprehension tool [Maven];
  • testing framework [TestNG];
  • CI server [Jenkins].

As a result a set of tests was created that provides 90% coverage of user stories, start of automated testing immediately upon committing changes to the version control system was implemented. Execution time of regression suite was decreased by several times.


Vitaly Dukhov

Vitaly DukhovVitaly Dukhov

Senior QA Engineer, Dino Systems

Vitaly Dukhov received a Master degree in physics at the St. Petersburg State University with thesis “Creating a neural network to identify the oil”

Working from 2007 to 2011 in the company «Digital Design» Vitaly has developed the system for automated regression testing based on TestComplete and participated in the creation of a complex load testing environment for DocVision platform.

Since 2011 Vitaly is a lead automation specialist in «Dino Systems». Deals with load testing and UI automation testing.


Yury Kryazhev

Yury KryazhevYury Kryazhev

QA Engineer, Dino Systems

Yury Kryazhev received a Master of technique and technology at the Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Institute.

Yury Kryazhev began his career as a Software Test Engineer in the St. Petersburg office of Motorola. He was engaged in quality assurance process of implementation of Java ME and brand extensions on the mobile devices. At LG Inc. performed testing of graphics subsystem on mobile devices and TVs. Today Yury is involved in implementation of test automation system for web applications in the DINO Systems.


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