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How to Measure “Soft” Things?

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Constant growth of business needs forces companies spare no effort on various regulations both inside and outside the company to minimize all the risks that are present on the long way of a product from being just an idea to becoming a final product delivered to customers. A huge set of processes has already been designed to ensure successful flow of a development. In particular, development of software is being regulated via processes as well. This paper is to outline specifics of time tracking process’s design, implementation and application for non-development departments, such as System Configuration Management (SCM), Quality Assurance (QA) and Operations (OPS) in CQG, a company that provides financial software solutions for over 30 years.


Arsen Shoukourian

Arsen ShoukourianArsen Shoukourian

Team Lead, Lead Process Coach, CQG Yerevan

Arsen S. Shoukourian is a Team Lead, Lead Process Coach and a Software Developer at CQG Yerevan. His interests include software architecture, software process improvement, business process modeling, software measurement and estimation. He graduated in Informatics and Applied Mathematics from Yerevan State University where received his BS and MS degrees. After, he did his PhD study and received Doctor of Mathematics degree from the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Yerevan.


Emma Danielyan

Emma DanielyanEmma Danielyan

Automated Testing Team Lead, CQG Inc.

Emma H. Danielyan is an Automated Testing Team Lead at CQG Yerevan. She is in software testing area since 2000. She graduated the faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of Yerevan State University, where received her MS degree. She is a postgraduate student of National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

Currently Emma holds a part time position of lecturer in the State Engineering University of Armenia, Department of Computing Systems. In 2009 she originated and piloted the course on management strategies assessment in the university, and since September, 2010 she is leading the course on Software Testing and Quality Assurance for graduate students designed by herself as well.

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